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Coming Back To Community

A space to learn, grow, connect & remember

About Us

We are Grandmothers & Grandfathers, Mother’s & Fathers, Sons and Daughters, friends and community members who see that change is among us. Bringing awareness of this shift provides an opportunity to choose where to go! 


We are system shifters with visions of grace, tools for rebuilding and hearts full of compassion.

Together, we hold a mission to bring connection and harmony between all beings on Earth. The shift begins with where we are, here and now, our local community on the shore.


We are herbal enthusiasts, nature loving survivalists, radically thinking and fiercely loving.

We strive to live life more simply while discovering and experimenting with new ways to thrive. Life is our playground.


We are our the sons and daughters who remember the old ways of our ancestors. We remember their ancient wisdom and return to the old way of flow. 

We integrate the new with the old by cultivating the space for community to tune in, access, explore and express that innate knowledge through connecting to the Earth & their community.


We are community members who are taking action to rid our society's standards of dependence which simultaneously wears a mask of independence. Our goal is to shift into interdependence.


We need each other. We need community. We need you.

Welcome Home. 

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