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About Coops to Co-ops

With a core intention of solving the environmental crisis with simple lifestyle change and awareness. We are happy,  and passionate wild edible enthusiasts and vegans with the ultimate goal of recreating a garden planet where all of Earth's inhabitants thrive.


There are more than 3,000 abandoned chicken houses in the Eastern Shore, we are on a mission to transform the ones on our property into green houses and produce organic vegetables, mushrooms, and many other food options. 


At the same time, we want to use some of the space and turn it into an event center in Princess Anne, Maryland. Some events we have considered hosting are: farmers markets, farm to table, festivals among others. We want to have a vibrant space were people can enjoy a visit and learn at the same time, we plan on offering yoga classes, meditation workshops, wild edible plant walks and even food contests. 

We want to help solve problems of today by reconnecting to the wisdom of our Natural World and realize that this is more manageable if we start locally... Like our own back yards... Literally!

Meet The Team


Janet Phillips

Jeff Phillips

Emiliano Espinosa


Kevin and Joe 

Roma MacGregor

Gil Braum

Mariana Espinosa.jpeg
Danielle Smith.jpeg
Salvador Espinosa.jpeg

Mariana Espinosa

Danielle Smith

Salvador Espinosa

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