Coops to Co-ops Child Development Pandemic Pod Program


Are your kids tired of being cooped up?  Join the Coops to Co-ops Pandemic Pod Program, which offers supervisory support for remote learning, safe socialization and life skills activities for your children. 

Dates and Times

September 14th – Until

Monday thru Friday

Track 1: Supervised Remote Learning: 7am - 12pm

Track 2: Enrichment Program: 12pm – 4pm

Track 3: All Day (Remote Learning + Enrichment Program: 7am-4pm


Track 1: $1500 per month per pod

Track 2: $1200 per month per pod

Track 3: $2700 per month per pod

  • Rate is $15/hour/pod.

  • With a pod maximum of 5 children, childcare and learning costs are as low as $3 per child per hour. 

Supervised Remote Learning 

If your child is enrolled in public school and you are looking for a place that provides supervision so that your children can participate in their school’s remote learning offerings and still interact with other children safely, by mitigating extreme risks of COVID19 exposure, this program is right for you. 

Enrichment Program

If you are looking for socialization and hands-on child development and advancement, then our Enrichment Program could work for you. 

This program engages students in hands-on activities to develop critical life and socialization skills, such as farming, music, art, cooking, and outdoor play. 

Full Day   Remote Learning + Enrichment 

This program is best suited for parents who need both a supervised, safe space for distance learning and enrichment programs to enhance their child’s development. It’s a combination of both programs and is a perfect solution for households looking for childcare solutions.

What might my child do and learn?

  • Participate in their school’s remote learning offerings and still interact with other children safely

  • Socialize with other pod families 

  • Nature walks

  • Outdoor classrooms – coop, lake, stream, forest, garden, goats, chickens, field

  • Nutrition- wild foraging, food preparation, benefits of a plant-based diet

  • Gardening- plant identification, planting, farming, harvesting

  • Wildlife- native species- birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, adaptation, habitat

  • Free play- sports, games, team activities

  • Survival skills- building structures like bridges, dams, shelters, fire

  • Art- painting, drawing, leaf pressings, pressed flowers, basket weaving, flower crowns, potato stamps, etc

  • Crafts

  • Journaling

  • Movement and mindfulness- yoga, meditation, dance, theater

  • Musical instruments- ukulele, drums and other percussion, singing

  • Child-led query and investigation


$1500 per pod per month

Public School Remote Learning Supervision



+ Supervision provided, with some assistance for children’s educational needs

+ internet connection for access to School’s online education portals

+ sheltered, open air environment for safe congregation

+ Socialization in small groups to reduce exposure

+ Parents need not be present

+ ideal childcare solution for parents that need personal time during the week


NOTE: We do not provide computers, tutors, or food for children for this period.  


$1200 per pod per month

Enrichment Program




+ up to 10 hours a week of guided, hands-on learning will be provided.

+ experiential classes offer life skills and learning that ordinary public schools lack

+ outdoor setting for a stimulating, natural experience

+ Supervisors encouraged to creatively use the grounds for social and physical engagement, such as sports, nature experiences, and more.​

+ plenty of social time for kids to explore friendships, the outdoors, nature and their own talents and preferences


NOTE: a parent supervisor for each pod is necessary. 


$2700 per pod per month

Full Day: Remote Learning Supervision + Enrichment Program

+ Full day of supervision and child care

+ Supervisor provided for the morning sessions

+ Enrichment Program offers ample opportunity to socialize and develop talents and life skills

+ up to 10 hours a week of classes will be provided to encourage skill building not taught in a traditional school setting

+ outdoor experience for healthy, safe interactions, and a stimulating day-long experience

+ a perfect place for a child to learn, play, and experience the natural world while parents are working.

NOTE: A parent or supervisor must be provided from 12PM-4PM.  Pods can change supervisors, hire one, or select one parent that is able.

How do I make a Pod? 

You can either create your own pod (up to 5 children) with families you are already comfortable and familiar with or have us match you with compatible podmates! Pods can include siblings, similar ages, cater to your family's specific needs (i.e. - medical, language, etc.), be formed from families that are comfortable with each other, or be as diverse as you like.

Don't have a pod?

If you do not have a pod, the Coops Team will work with you to meet your child’s needs.  Please fill out this survey below to get on a list for a pod, so we can find your podmates! (There is no payment or commitment.)

Sign up via this link. 

Kids Running

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be part of the experience. We provide a paid caregiver during remote-learning hours (7am-12pm). 

A parent or Pod-approved supervisor is required between the hours of 12PM-4PM. This is to maintain your pod’s desired approach to social distancing and COVID-19 etiquette, as multiple pods will be joining our provided guided experiential classes.  This keeps our programs affordable and inclusive, encourages community interaction and support, and allows children to explore themes in nature using farming, art, nutrition, mindfulness, and more, while practicing safe, social distancing. 

Are you planning to be a supervisor? 

Parents typically trade off duties, or a stay-at-home or homeschooling parent agrees to take on that responsibility on behalf of their pod.  In these cases, when one parent offers to be the full time supervisor, often pod-decided discounts for their child's tuition can be worked out.  This should be decided within a pod, however, Coops can make suggestions if needed.


During this time, it's difficult for kids to safely socialize.  But experts show that socialization is critical during this development stage of their lives. 

Pandemic Pods are a solution to limit your child's exposure to hundreds of kids during the COVID19 Pandemic, but still allow for safe interaction, exploration, and outdoor play to continue critical development.

Coops Pandemic Pods offer:

+ Outdoor learning environment 

+ Supervision for remote learning 

+ Experiential life skill classes 

+ Safe socialization 

+ An opportunity for your child to learn and develop their interests and talents  

+ exposure to nature and new skills

+ a place to play and expel energy from remote learning in front of a screen

+ an opportunity for parents to share the load of childcare and supervision

+ incredibly affordable learning and supervision opportunities

+ a chance to get involved in your children's curriculum

+ an opportunity to teach (ask us how!)

Meet the Facilitators

Janet Phillips - Enrichment Course Leader - Cooking, Wild Foraging

Raw vegan chef, environmental author, steward and educator. 

Edgar- Enrichment Course Leader - Music 

Edgar is a certified musician.

Emiliano Espinosa- Farming Program Leader

Emiliano is a college student majoring in community development.


Juan- Enrichment Course Leader - Building

Juan is an experienced builder.