Coop Kids Summer Cooperative

Sick of being all Cooped up? Come hang with the Co-op Kids where outdoor adventure rules! Parents co-create in this program of outdoor discovery and adventure.

Children ages 3-13 come for a day of fun and engagement in an outdoor setting. Mixed ages help each other learn and explore at their own pace. Parents are invited and encouraged to be part of the experience. Adults guide children to explore themes in nature using science, art, nutrition, and mindfulness. 

What will my child do and learn?

  • Opening and closing circle daily

  • Lunch and snacks daily

  • Nature walks

  • Outdoor classrooms – coop, lake, stream, forest, garden, goats/chickens, field

  • Nutrition- wild foraging, food preparation, benefits of a plant-based diet

  • Gardening- plant identification, planting, farming, harvesting

  • Wildlife- native species- birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, adaptation, habitat

  • Free play- sports and games, team activities

  • Lake activities- swimming, canoeing, paddle boats

  • Creek Exploration- fishing nets, bug boxes

  • Survival skills- building structures like bridges, dams, shelters, fire

  • Art- painting, drawing, leaf pressings, pressed flowers, basket weaving, flower crowns, potato stamps, etc

  • Daily Reading story and crafts

  • Movement and mindfulness- yoga, meditation, dance, theater

  • Musical instruments- ukulele, drums and other percussion, singing

  • Child-led query and investigation

Whats Unique about this program is that it is an agile learning where the children guide their own learning. We offer a variety of activities that are available to them as their interest arise. There will be one parents/guardian for every four children plus three staff members there daily. Parents take an active roll in the programming. One week of programming for a child is equal to one day of service from a parent/guardian. Either parent can come on behalf of the child, grandparents welcome too!


We do ask that you commit to a whole week to ease scheduling. If you want to try it out for a day you can, we just ask that you stay present with your child or pay the day rate of $35. Parents that are unable to come at all during the week can always chose to pay the fee of $120 and drop-off and pick-up each day at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., respectively. 

Dates and Times

July 7 – July 31 (4 weeks)

Tuesday thru Friday  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Saturday    9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Farmers Market Day



$35/day or $120 for 4 days

Saturday is always FREE and optional

$20/family for overnight adventure

  • Parents can pay in-kind with their presence in exchange for tuition.

  • We ask that parents help guide and co-create with the children bringing their own expertise to the program.

  • Exchange rate is $120/day.

Overnight Camping

July 16th and/or 23rd 

  • Overnight camping costs $20/family

  • Parents are required to stay with children overnight and provide their own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad)

Meet the Facilitators

Janet Phillips - Director​

Raw vegan chef, environmental author, steward and educator. 

Roma MacGregor- Program Leader

Roma is certified in Project Learning Tree, Project Wild, Project WET, and Flying Wild with several years of outdoor and environmental education experience. She incorporates movement and mindfulness from yoga, meditation, music and dance.  She coordinates the parents and handles registration. 


Mariana Espinosa- Experience Leader

Mariana is a college student in New York City majoring in art and psychology. She manages the children in their daily activities.